Welcome to Arab European Co. For Engineering Industries .. A Commitment To Excellence .

The Arab European Co. For Engineering Industries (BRC) was started in the year 1994 by engineering expertise that have more than 20 years of experience  in Germany in design, engineering, manufacturing & commissioning Screw Air Compressor Units in different types and sizes and Supplying all needs and necessary equipment for air systems .

We can provide robust and efficient systems that are tailored to match your exact requirements.

We have supplied & commissioned more than 1000 plants including export to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen, Tanzania, Morocco, India,  Moldavia ,Ethiopia and others ..

Our dedication to Research and Development ensures that our products ranges are constantly being monitored and improved upon. Customers can be confident that the equipment supplied features the latest developments and technology.

A dedicated installation and service team ensure that complete support is offered from the planning stage through to installation and monthly service.

Our experienced teams have assisted many to make the change with great success and with substantial cost savings for the client.

But that’s not all. We pride ourselves on the high quality of service we give to our customers and offer bespoke service agreements, customer training programs, and maintenance contracts and planned installations.

Our Vision …

We aim to be the leaders in our scope in the region With continuous development, real integration with our clients, our international business partners & national expertise .

BRC is ISO certified and committed to engineering innovations that satisfy customer needs for reliable and quality products . Continued innovations and new technology provides continuing value for the customer satisfactions

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